Friday, 27 August 2010

Season 6 Official Description From CW

As we wait patiently for some sort of promo clip for season 6, the CW have released a very exciting longer description of the up coming new season.

This post contains spoilers so I've placed it after the jump so you don't have to read it if you don't wish to. I'm kind aren't I?

By now, everyone’s pretty aware that Mary Winchester’s family, the Campbells, will be playing a role in season 6 of the show. We know Mitch Pileggi will be returning as the boys’ grandfather (though we don’t know HOW, considering he’s dead), and we’ve also heard rumors that we’ll be seeing a character named Christian who is related to the boys (maybe a cousin?). The question is how we’ll meet the Campbells. The CW has put out a longer description of season 6 and it looks like Sam will be the one to introduce his brother to their extended family:

It’s a year later [after the Michael-Lucifer showdown]. And while time can’t actually heal all wounds, it can sometimes dull the pain. Dean finds himself in one of the strangest situations he’s ever seen (and he’s seen strange): suburbia. Wearing very different hates: a civilian; a construction worker; a good boyfriend to Lisa; a surrogate father to her son Ben. That is, until his past inevitably catches up to him – in the form of Sam, mysteriously freed from his cage in hell. And Sam needs his brother to rejoin the fight, because a new threat is rising in the dark corners and backwoods of America. Not demons or angels this time, but creatures. Vampires. Werewolves. Djinn. And a thousand other freaks. They’re growing in numbers. Breaking old patterns. And leaving a very think and bloody trail in their wake.

And Sam isn’t alone. He introduces Dean to a world – a family – he never even knew existed: the Campbells, his mother’s family, led by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Mitch Pileggi). They’re a line of hunters that stretches back to the country’s gory start – they were hacking heads off vampires on the Mayflower. And they want Sam and Dean to carry on the family tradition.

Though torn between his obligation to his blood and to his surrogate family, Dean is still a gunfighter at heart; and so of course he again picks up his guns. Hitting the road with Sam. No more bibles, no more prophecies; just a lot of hunting and killing. That is, until the brothers realize that nothing is what it seems – not with the rising tide of carnivorous creatures, and certainly not with each other.

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