Monday, 27 September 2010

New Interview: Eric Kripke & Sera Gamble Talk About Their Plans For Season 6 & More Possible Seasons!

As the new 'post-apocalyptic' season of Supernatural gets underway and the new show runner Sera Gamble sits comfortably in Kripke's chair, we are excited to see what the new chapter will bring to our beloved Winchester's lives.

During promotion for the new season interviewed Eric Kripke and Sera Gamble where they talk about the new direction for the show, new characters, and the possibility of more seasons!

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Eric, what are you most excited about with this season?

Eric: Wiping the slate clean. I think that’s really exciting. Mythologies become exhausting burdens, from a writer’s perspective. If you look deep into The X-Files, which we bring up a lot in the room as something we’re just terrified of, or late in the game with Buffy, as much as I love that show, things get complicated and it’s hard. It becomes less about the fun of why you fell in love with that show, in the first place, and more about servicing all of these storylines.

So, the opportunity to say, “All right, the Supernatural movie, as you know it, is over. Let’s all tune in for the sequel. The new movie is starting. Here are the new characters. They’re at a different place in their lives, and they’re getting involved with a whole new conspiracy and mythology, and they can have fun and we can put them in new situations without having to be beholden to past mythology.” We don’t have to worry about it. It’s been a really invigorating, freeing time in the writer’s room.

Is it a new arc that’s starting?

Eric: Yes, but I don’t know how long this plan is. I know it’s at least a year. It may go beyond. As we did in the beginning of the show, somewhere around the middle of the season, we’ll get a really good sense about whether there’s going to be a year after this. We have different plans in place. I think it can go longer. It’s certainly designed to go longer, if it wants to, but it’s a different feel. It’s a whole new mythology. If up until now, it’s been Star Wars, Truck Stop America and The Lord of the Rings, now it’s L.A. Confidential and Chinatown. It’s noir, gritty, down to the earth, twisty and the mythology keeps taking left turns on you. It’s going to have a really different feel. It’s going to be the difference between Alien and Aliens, with the same subject matter and character, but different filmmakers bring a different style to it. Sera [Gamble] really has her own style. It’s going to be the characters you love, but in a really different tone, which I think is really exciting.

How will the dynamic between Sam and Dean be different in Season 6?

Sera: Very consciously, we referenced Season 1 at the beginning of this season because we were aware of the fact that we had set things up to be a little bit similar, with Sam returning to Dean’s life and Dean having left hunting. On the surface, it seems like that, but we subvert that fairly quickly. Underneath the surface, things are not exactly as they seem.

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