Saturday, 25 September 2010

Supernatural Season 6 Premiere - My Thoughts, Your Thoughts!

Ok.. So I've seen quite a few opinions already about last nights season premiere 'Exile On Main Street' and I've decided to do a short review style post of my own. I would also like you to let me know your thoughts briefly in the comments section below, just so I can get a true feel from the fandom.

I'm placing the review after the jump so people who haven't seen the episode yet won't be spoiled!


Here goes...

After the climatic ending of season 5 I've been very excited and curious as to where this new season is going to take us and hearing what Sera Gamble has said about bringing back the 'monster of the week' style episodes has pleased me no end so I'm really looking forward to that.

The start of the premiere episode see's Dean in his new life with Lisa. I really enjoyed the montage of Dean's new life compared to his old life at the very beginning. It was really well done and a great way to start the ep. (Is it me or does Dean look even hotter as a normal everyday guy?). I also found that I was grinning to myself when we saw the gun and holy water under the bed and the devils trap under the rug! (Once a hunter, always a hunter!)

Then we see the return of Sam and straight away we saw the difference in his character. He is no longer the vulnerable Sammy we've been used to in previous seasons but a more hard faced Sam which may take a bit of getting used to. But he's been in hell and that's bound to change a person right? I was a little disappointed with the reunion if I'm to be totally honest with you. For me it seemed a little rushed. I found myself thinking 'oh.. Was that it' for a brief moment but I soon brushed it off.

The 'expected' return of grandpa Sam had me feeling unsure about him from the start and whether he is to be trusted or not. The same goes for the new characters 'the cousins'. I'm a little territorial so these new characters don't sit well with me yet and to be honest with you... I'm a little suspicious about the whole situation - lets remember, Sam has been a little too trusting before hasn't he? - so it should be quite interesting to see what happens there.

Then we see our lovely Bobby who, as always, plays his character extremely well. (I secretly want Bobby to be my uncle!) And he knew!! I was surprised he knew! And although I was a little annoyed that he knew (for like.. half a second!) I understood why he had kept it from Dean. Great to see Bobby again.

Overall I really enjoyed the episode. It had plenty of twists and turns and I picked up straight away the role reversal between Sam and Dean so I'm very interested to see how that pans out even though it's going to be a little hard to get used to.

I've seen some negative comments already and while it's quite understandable given the shift in characters, I think some people are maybe a little too quick to judge because of the fact that Kripke has handed the reigns to Gamble. But you have to remember, that was a hell of a story arc that just ended and now we have to have a new one which I'm really looking forward to. Yes, it seems very different and yes, I liked the old Sam and Dean but I'm open to change and if change means more greatness from the writers and the actors then bring it on!

Thoughts please! (please try and keep it brief)