Saturday, 23 July 2011

*S7 Spoilers* - TV Guides Latest Interview With Supernaturals Sera Gamble

Supernatural features heavily in the special Comic Con edition of TV Guide this year in the way of a 9 page spread including a very spoilery interview with Sera Gamble where she talks to Ileane Rudolph about what we can expect in season 7.

Alice over at 'The Winchester Family Business' was kind enough to type the interview for us to read and here's a little snippet of it after the jump...

*Warning! This interview contains major spoilers for season 7*

Are we finished with the arc about Sam's memories of Hell?

No. Sam heroically got it together to help his brother in the finale. He spent a lot of credit just to be vertical in that final scene (when he tried to rescue Dean from Castiel). He'll pay a really big price for that in the beginning of season 7.

Will goings-on in Heaven be a plot line this season?

We did the Apocalypse [in season 5], then we did the post-Apocalyptic civil war [in season 6]. Those were huge celestial stories. We’re interested in what happens on Earth in Season 7.

Will Sam and Dean be on the run a lot?

They will be. We have new creatures in story for the boys. We'll bring back some favorites and bring in some new ones. There's an earth full of monsters and demons and evil spirits. There's always another bad thing for Sam and Dean to kill.

And finally, what's the prognosis for the wrecked Impala?

Well, the last time we saw it, it was upside down! But it would have to be in a million pieces not to have Dean put it back together again!

Read the full interview HERE